"It has been a privilege to work with Carol Rowan. Carol's incredible painting talent as well as her commitment to excellence serve to create a wonderful environment for fostering and building key relationships with both clients and licensees. If deadlines are an issue, I can always count on Carol to meet or beat the deadline. Her creativity, enthusiasm and energy make representing her within the home- and gift-licensing arena a true delight. Thank you, Carol, for the opportunity."

-- Ellie Parsons, PVI Licensing, agent for Carol Rowan


  Licensing inquiries may be directed to
Ellie Parsons pviellie@aol.com

5610 West 82nd Street
Indianapolis, IN 46278
Hindostone Products, Inc.
Hindostone manufactures CoasterStones, porous sandstone coasters with a cork backing to absorb moisture without damaging furniture. Hindostone currently offers a CoasterStone set featuring four of Carol Rowan's potted floral designs.

P.O. Box 1509 Oscala, FL USA 34478-1509 Phone Orders: 352-732-7235
800-874-9735 Fax: 352-732-6888 www.conimar.com
Conimar Corporation
Founded in 1976, Conimar Corporation is a multi-faceted printing, manufacturing and marketing company producing an extensive line of products for the home and office. Carol Rowan is currently featured on two of the glass cutting boards.

75 Green Street, Clinton, MA 01510

Legacy is a Wholesale Manufacturer of unique stationery and gift items.
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